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How to Invest

Investors Have Multiple Options for Buying Global X ETFs:


Online through any major trading platforms in Australia


By consulting with a Financial Advisor to explore how Global X ETFs may fit with your investing objectives

Why Invest in Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)?

Our mission is empowering clients to invest wisely in unexplored and intelligent solutions. From disruptive technology to income-generating strategies, we aspire to offer something beyond ordinary. Yet our products also offer the following benefits common to the ETF structure: 

  • Diversify with Ease

    Like traditional mutual funds, ETFs contain a basket of assets, including potentially stocks, bonds and currencies, allowing investors to target specific themes or strategies, while lessening single-stock risk.

  • Transparency

    Most ETFs publish their holdings daily. In addition to knowing what you own, ETFs are generally more tax efficient and, on average, offered at a lower expense ratio than comparable mutual funds. For shareholders, this likely means lower and more predictable cost of ownership.

  • Accessibility

    ETFs are bought and sold on an exchange (similar to a stock), enabling investors access to the market and their investments throughout the trading day. With more than 9,000 ETFs listed globally, this provides wide-ranging choice and flexibility.

Three Steps to Invest

Investing in an ETF is just like buying shares of stock. You can choose to use an online trading account, a stockbroker or a financial adviser.


Create an online trading account or choose a stockbroker/financial adviser.


Review the ETF's product disclosure statement.


Use the exchange code to buy or sell the ETF via your trading account.


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