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Semiconductor ETF

Reasons to Consider SEMI

High Growth Potential

According to IoT Analytics, satellite IoT connections are expected to grow from six million to 22 million between 2022 to 2027, at a CAGR of 25%.1

Structural Tailwinds

The world's next generation of innovative technology will require semiconductors to power it.

Unconstrained Approach

The realm of semiconductors extends far beyond personal computers, reaching an ever-multiplying number of devices and applications. SEMI invests accordingly, cutting across traditional sector and geographic definitions.

1 (IOT Analytics, 2023)

Product Information As of 23 May 2024

Inception Date 27 Aug 2021
Management Costs (% p.a.) 0.45
Currency Hedged No
Domicile Australia
Legal Form Managed Investment Trust
SMSF Eligible Yes

NAV Information As of 23 May 2024

NAV/Unit (A$) 17.40760000
Currency (NAV) AUD
Shares Outstanding 15,016,943
AUM (A$) 261,409,363.70
NAV History File View

Product Summary

The Global X Semiconductor ETF (SEMI) seeks to invest in companies that stand to potentially benefit from the broader adoption of tech-enabled devices that require semiconductors. This includes the development and manufacturing of semiconductors.

Product Objective

The Global X Semiconductor ETF (SEMI) seeks to provide investment results that correspond generally to the price and yield performance, before fees and expenses, of the Solactive Global Semiconductor 30 Index.

Trading Details

Ticker SEMI
Bloomberg Code SEMI AU Equity
ISIN AU0000169120
Trading Hours 10:00AM – 4:00PM

Management & Administration

Issuer Global X Management (AUS) Limited
Custodian The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, Sydney Branch
Registrar Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited

Benchmark Information

Benchmark Solactive Global Semiconductor 30 Index
Provider Solactive AG

Distributions As of 30 Apr 2024

12-Month Yield 0.45%
12-Month Franking Level 0.00%
Distribution Frequency Semi-Annually
Distribution History View

Performance Table As of 23 May 2024

Total Return (Fund) Total Return (Benchmark) Tracking Difference Tracking Error
1 Month 11.92% 11.99% -0.06% 0.01%
3 Months 10.14% 10.26% -0.12% 0.03%
1 Year 68.57% 69.44% -0.87% 0.09%
3 Year p.a. -- -- -- --
5 Year p.a. -- -- -- --
10 Year p.a. -- -- -- --
Since Inception p.a. 23.12% 23.66% -0.54% 0.15%

Top Holdings As of 24 May 2024

Net Assets (%) Name SEDOL Market Price (Local) Shares Held Market Value (A$)
11.36 NVIDIA CORP 2379504 1,037.99 18,952 29,689,083
10.44 TSMC 6889106 875.00 669,591 27,435,061
9.94 BROADCOM INC BDZ78H9 1,393.29 12,357 25,983,828
9.11 ASML HOLDING NV B929F46 876.40 16,622 23,802,485
6.80 ADV MICRO DEVICE 2007849 160.43 73,396 17,770,782
5.95 QUALCOMM INC 2714923 201.76 51,075 15,552,206
4.84 APPLIED MATERIAL 2046552 217.95 38,459 12,650,376
4.73 TEXAS INSTRUMENT 2885409 197.29 41,485 12,352,212
3.65 MICRON TECH 2588184 126.27 50,071 9,541,903
3.32 INTEL CORP 2463247 30.08 191,423 8,690,015
3.32 LAM RESEARCH 2502247 958.13 6,004 8,681,878
3.13 ANALOG DEVICES 2032067 234.56 23,143 8,192,608
2.78 KLA CORP 2480138 765.10 6,289 7,261,868
2.75 TOKYO ELECTRON 6895675 36,830.00 20,800 7,363,300
2.08 SK HYNIX INC 6450267 200,000.00 24,686 5,468,809
1.88 NXP SEMICONDUCTO B505PN7 272.72 11,909 4,901,634
1.70 MARVELL TECHNOLO BNKJSM5 75.02 39,318 4,451,609
1.48 MEDIATEK 6372480 1,205.00 68,728 3,878,011
1.42 INFINEON TECH 5889505 38.07 59,790 3,719,188
1.39 MICROCHIP TECH 2592174 98.14 24,538 3,634,409
1.23 TE CONNECTIVITY B62B7C3 150.00 14,152 3,203,743
0.94 DISCO CORP 6270948 62,260.00 4,100 2,453,581
0.89 ASM INTL NV 5165294 673.80 2,111 2,324,106
0.82 ON SEMICONDUCTOR 2583576 71.65 19,753 2,135,983
0.73 STMICROELECTRONI 5962332 38.90 29,866 1,898,293
0.69 ADVANTEST CORP 6870490 5,853.00 33,600 1,890,276
0.63 RENESAS ELECTRON 6635677 2,849.00 59,400 1,626,621
0.58 LASERTEC CORP 6506267 45,470.00 3,600 1,573,385
0.52 UMC 6916628 56.00 529,904 1,389,548
0.48 ASE TECHNOLOGY H BFXZDY1 161.50 169,000 1,278,049
Holdings are subject to change.

Sector Breakdown As of 24 May 2024

Sector Weight (%)
Information Technology 99.6
Other/Cash 0.4

Country Breakdown As of 24 May 2024

Country Weight (%)
United States 65.0
Taiwan 12.9
Netherlands 11.9
Japan 5.6
South Korea 2.1
Germany 1.4
Switzerland 0.7
Other/Cash 0.4



  • What are semiconductors?

    Semiconductors, or microchips, are like the brains behind electronic devices. They are in virtually every electronic device in existence: televisions, laptops, phones, microwaves, cars, rice cookers – and the rest. They are so ubiquitous that we usually forget they are there. Semiconductors manipulate the flow of electricity to produce binary computer code. This in turn allows machines and computers to function. The semiconductor industry is a complex and capital-intensive industry with a truly globalised supply chain. It is made up of very large companies that monopolise or oligopolise certain specialised areas. These specialties include foundries, which are companies like Samsung and TSMC that make the microchips. Chip designers, (or “fabless”) like Nvidia and AMD, which create the microchip architecture. And equipment makers, like Lam Research and ASML, that produce the machines that build microchips.
  • How are the companies in the index identified?

    Companies from developed markets, Korea and Taiwan are taken from the FactSet classification system, known as Revere Business Industry Classification System (RBICS). Companies in the semiconductor RBICS industry and its semiconductor equipment and services and semiconductor manufacturing subsectors are eligible for inclusion. To qualify for the index, companies must have a market capitalisation of US$1 billion and a minimum average daily trading value of US$1 million over 3 months (these requirements are lowered for existing constituents at rebalance.) The top 30 companies by market capitalisation are picked, with the weights of each stock capped at 10%.
  • How are companies in SEMI weighted?

    SEMI uses a capped index methodology, where the largest companies are restricted to taking no more than 10% of the portfolio. At each quarterly rebalance, the biggest companies in the index are sold back down to 10% if their weights have ballooned beyond the set 10% parameter. This weighting methodology is used to prevent the biggest companies – as of July 2021, these are TSMC and Nvidia – from becoming too influential in determining the performance of the fund.
  • Why use SEMI for exposure to semiconductors?

    The semiconductor supply chain is truly global, ranging from the US to Europe and Asia. By using SEMI, investors can access this global supply chain in a single trade. This spares them the work and cost of buying a portfolio of global semiconductor stocks individually. It also provides instant diversification and potentially lower risk than buying individual stocks. As SEMI trades on the ASX and is locally domiciled, there is also less paperwork for end investors. Investors will not be required to complete W8BEN forms.
  • How can you use SEMI in a portfolio?

    To express long-term strategic or short-term tactical views on the growing demand for microchips. To complement technology sector exposure with tech-aligned companies outside of the GICS classification (the industry sector classification created by MSCI and S&P Dow Jones Indices). To aid portfolio diversification via investment in industries that are largely absent from the Australian market.
  • Does SEMI overlap with other Global X funds?

    We design our ETFs with a view of minimising the amount of overlap between each. In this way, investors who buy more than one of our funds avoid buying the same stocks repeatedly. The precise amount of overlap between each fund can differ as the stocks moving in and out of each ETF change at index rebalance/reconstitution. Whatever overlap exists is usually small. For investors wanting to know the exact quantify of overlap between specific ETFs, please feel free to contact us.

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