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New in Digital Assets: November 2023

For the fourth consecutive month, the crypto market rally continued to gain momentum. This momentum was driven by a combination of factors ... By Global X Research Team

New in Digital Assets: October 2023

The month of October was defined by continued optimism about the prospect of a spot bitcoin (BTC) ETF being approved by the ... By Global X Research Team

New in Digital Assets: August 2023

Crypto and digital assets markets generally lacked direction in August. The first half of the month saw volatility across bitcoin (BTC) and ... By Global X Research Team

New in Digital Assets: July 2023

Price action across the digital assets landscape was divergent in July, and largely driven by headlines related to regulatory developments. A primary ... By Global X Research Team

New in Digital Assets: June 2023

Despite very strong performance through the month of May, the digital assets industry garnered only limited media attention as investors focused on ... By Global X Research Team

New in Digital Assets: May 2023

Following four months of upwards price movement, crypto markets retraced moderately in May. The pullback was triggered by US macroeconomic developments, as ... By Global X Research Team

New in Digital Assets: April 2023

After a volatile March which saw the prices of crypto assets surge, April saw relatively muted price activity despite high-profile developments in ... By Global X Research Team

Bitcoin Mining Is Set To Turn Greener

The Bitcoin network’s security is derived from a process called Proof-of-Work (PoW) which is powered by advanced hardware and large amounts of ... By Global X Research Team

New in Digital Assets: March 2023

Crypto markets pulled back over the last few weeks following a strong start to the year, though the market remains within the ... By Global X Research Team

Nine Common Crypto Questions Answered

Digital assets and blockchain technology have gained significant attention in recent years, and with good reason. These innovations have the potential to ... By Global X Research Team

Bitcoin: The Basics

In October 2008, a mysterious whitepaper touting a potentially revolutionary monetary concept made its way to a cryptography mailing list. In a ... By Global X Research Team

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