Market Moves: Week Ending 15 March 2024

  • Electrification and transition-critical metals ETFs (GMTL, WIRE, XMET) were the top performers of the week after Chinese copper smelters agreed to temporarily lower output due to insufficient supply of copper concentrate.1
  • Clean Energy ETFs (CLNE, HGEN, TANN) were the poorest performing funds of the week after US inflation figures came in hotter than expected.2 High inflation readings, alongside strong employment data, have led to decreasing investor expectations of Fed rate cuts in the near term. Clean energy projects, which tend to be debt reliant, are particularly sensitive to interest rate movements.
  • There were $417.2 million in reported inflows for the week and $72.7 million in outflows, marking a strong week of net inflows for the Australian ETF industry.

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