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Copper Miners ETF

Reasons to Consider WIRE

Targeted Exposure

Significant exposure to global copper miners.

Future-Focused Megatrends

Structural tailwinds supported by global innovations in clean energy, electric vehicles and other forms of next-generation advancements.

Global Economic Growth

Pick and shovels approach to capturing potential growth as copper lends itself to numerous industries which power economic activity.

Product Information As of 8 Dec 2023

Inception Date 21 Nov 2022
Management Costs (% p.a.) 0.65%
Currency Hedged No
Domicile Australia
Legal Form Managed Investment Scheme
SMSF Eligible Yes

NAV Information As of 8 Dec 2023

NAV/Unit (A$) 10.82950000
Currency (NAV) AUD
Shares Outstanding 12,975,139
AUM (A$) 140,514,284.80

Product Summary

WIRE provides access to a global basket of copper miners which stand to benefit from being a key part of the value chain facilitating growth in major areas of innovation such as technology, infrastructure and clean energy.

Product Objective

WIRE seeks to provide investment results that correspond generally to the price and yield performance, before fees and expenses, of the Solactive Global Copper Miners Total Return Index.

Trading Details

Ticker WIRE
Bloomberg Code WIRE AU Equity
ISIN AU0000249088
Trading Hours 10:00AM – 4:00PM

Management & Administration

Issuer Global X Management (AUS) Limited
Custodian The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, Sydney Branch
Registrar Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited

Benchmark Information

Benchmark Solactive Global Copper Miners Total Return Index
Provider Solactive AG

Distributions As of 31 Oct 2023

12-Month Yield 0.11%
12-Month Franking Level 0.00%
Distribution Frequency Semi-Annually
Distribution History View

Performance Table As of 8 Dec 2023

Total Return (Fund) Total Return (Benchmark) Tracking Difference Tracking Error
1 Month 6.75% 6.82% -0.06% 0.07%
3 Months -7.08% -6.96% -0.11% 0.13%
1 Year 1.12% 2.15% -1.03% 3.73%
3 Year p.a. -- -- -- --
5 Year p.a. -- -- -- --
10 Year p.a. -- -- -- --
Since Inception p.a. 8.02% 9.17% -1.15% 3.91%

Top Holdings As of 11 Dec 2023

Net Assets (%) Name SEDOL Market Price (Local) Shares Held Market Value (A$)
5.37 IVANHOE MINES LT BD73C40 12.64 533,349 7,535,162
5.28 ANTOFAGASTA PLC 0045614 15.14 257,145 7,414,565
5.18 KGHM 5263251 117.95 163,435 7,277,522
5.12 BHP GROUP LTD 6144690 47.74 150,614 7,190,316
5.03 LUNDIN MINING CO 2866857 9.89 639,248 7,066,422
4.94 FREEPORT-MCMORAN 2352118 38.15 119,734 6,935,153
4.83 SOUTHERN COPPER 2823777 75.45 59,165 6,777,481
4.82 BOLIDEN AB BPYTZ57 295.95 157,346 6,760,791
4.81 GLENCORE PLC B4T3BW6 4.57 774,733 6,748,850
4.69 SUMITOMO MET MIN 6858849 4,081.00 153,443 6,579,017
4.66 ZIJIN MINING-H 6725299 11.64 2,891,324 6,542,672
4.51 AURUBIS AG 5485527 76.20 50,847 6,334,664
4.47 TECK RESOURCES-B 2879327 52.62 106,571 6,267,935
3.79 MITSUB MATERIALS 6597089 2,436.00 207,991 5,323,152
3.53 SANDFIRE RESOURC 6739739 6.50 761,815 4,951,796
3.27 CAPSTONE COPPER BMY5XY9 6.08 675,481 4,590,397
3.14 HUDBAY MINERALS B05BDX1 6.81 578,848 4,406,005
2.69 JIANGXI COPPER-H 6000305 10.52 1,843,320 3,769,831
2.48 FILO CORP BMDHMH2 21.20 146,950 3,482,083
2.04 ERO COPPER CORP BF02Z72 18.39 139,322 2,863,747
1.76 CHINA GOLD INTER B60FNV8 31.40 405,581 2,475,782
1.54 FIRST QUANTUM 2347608 10.39 185,844 2,158,227
1.43 MMG 6728793 2.14 4,813,368 2,002,480
1.27 CHINA NONFERROUS B890GY2 4.68 1,953,462 1,777,281
1.25 AL MASANE AL KOB BNNVLT6 51.10 84,667 1,751,331
1.12 FORAN MINING CRP 2355731 4.11 341,007 1,566,530
1.07 NGEX MINERALS LT BKDKBL4 6.97 192,659 1,500,914
0.98 ALTIUS MINERALS 2122355 18.90 65,106 1,375,356
0.73 ATALAYA MINING P BYZTVM8 3.23 166,671 1,025,283
0.68 CENTRAL ASIA MET B67KBV2 1.67 301,967 961,561
0.62 TASEKO MINES 2592066 1.22 467,341 865,644
0.61 NITTETSU MINING 6641027 5,110.00 15,930 855,228
0.59 JINCHUAN GROUP 6373988 0.51 8,385,259 831,366
0.50 SOLARIS RESOURCE BMQ5701 5.14 122,037 701,114
0.45 DEVELOP GLOBAL L BNVQGB0 2.90 217,169 629,789
0.28 SOLGOLD PLC B0WD0R3 0.08 2,634,752 396,915
0.23 29METALS LTD BNNVRL0 0.51 642,826 327,841
Holdings are subject to change.

Sector Breakdown As of 11 Dec 2023

Sector Weight (%)
Materials 99.8
Other/Cash 0.2

Country Breakdown As of 11 Dec 2023

Country Weight (%)
Canada 33.4
Australia 11.0
United States 9.8
Japan 9.1
China 8.6
Chile 5.3
Poland 5.2
Sweden 4.8
Switzerland 4.8
Germany 4.5
Saudi Arabia 1.3
Other/Cash 2.2



  • What companies are included in the index?

    The index is designed to track the performance of companies that have, or are expected to have, significant exposure to the copper mining industry. Companies are only eligible for inclusion if:

    •A significant part of the company’s revenue is generated in copper mining and/or closely related activities (e.g. exploration or refining of copper) and/or
    •A company is expected to generate a significant part of its revenue in copper mining and/or closely related activities in the future.

    The minimum number of constituents is 20 and the maximum number of constituents is 40.

    To be remain eligible, companies included in the index must maintain a minimum market capitalisation of US$100 million and average daily turnover of $0.25 million over the last three months. To become eligible, new companies must have a market capitalisation of $US200 million and a minimum average daily turnover of $0.5 million.
  • How are companies in the index weighted?

    Index components are weighted according to their free float market capitalization. Each component is subject to maximum weight of 4.75%, in order to ensure diversification.

    The aggregate weight of companies that fall short of the liquidity criterion cannot exceed 10% of the index weight.
  • How does WIRE invest in copper miners?

    WIRE is built as a feeder fund that invests directly in the NYSE Arca-listed Global X Copper Miners ETF (COPX), which is managed by the Global X team in New York. Listed in 2010, COPX is the largest copper miners ETF in the world with more than US$1.6 billion in assets under management as of November 2022.
  • What determines the copper price?

    Like other commodities, the value of copper is driven by fundamentals and the availability of substitutes.

    Most copper demand comes from Asia, especially China and India, where it is used to create electric wires for machines, buildings, and expand the grid. This means industrial production in these two countries is an important variable determining the copper price. Copper is also a key metal in the energy transition, as it is needed in great quantities to build solar arrays, wind turbines and electric cars. Global energy policy is therefore another variable.

    The main substitute metal for copper is aluminium, which can replace copper in several applications. Aluminium prices can therefore also determine copper prices.

    1. de Salles, A. , Magrath, R. and Malheiros, M. (2019) Determination of Copper Price Expectations in the International Market: Some Important Variables. Open Journal of Business and Management, 7, 348-373. doi: 10.4236/ojbm.2019.72024.
  • What are some of the key risks of investing in copper miners?

    Like other mining companies, copper miners’ share prices are heavily impacted by the price of what they mine (copper). One risk of investing in copper miners therefore is that the copper price deteriorates, which would – all things being equal – negatively impact revenues and profits.

    Political risk is another risk. As copper miners can operate in higher risk jurisdictions, there is a possibility of unfavourable political environments.

    It is important to note that risks associated with investing in copper miners are not limited to the above.
  • Where can WIRE fit in a portfolio?

    Investors can use WIRE in three main ways. First, it can be used as a portfolio satellite for those wishing to access growth themes like the rise of Asia and clean energy technology—as demand for copper is heavily underpinned by both.

    Second it can be used as a way to express a tactical view on the copper price. Copper miners typically underperform when copper prices fall. However when copper prices rise, copper miners can outperform the metal itself.

    Third, it can be used as a hedge against inflation. Every major sector of the global economy uses copper. As a result, copper prices tend to rise with general consumer prices rise and the copper price and major inflation benchmarks are highly correlated.

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