Market Moves: Week Ending 26 April 2024

  • Risk-on tech-oriented ETFs (CRYP, GGUS, IBUY, LNAS, SEMI) outperformed last week after a busy week of US earnings saw over 80% of companies outperform expectations.1 Three of the four “Magnificent Seven” that have reported also saw positive market reactions.2
  • Chinese equity ETFs (ASIA, IAA, IZZ) were also a theme in the top performers as shares of Chinese property developers rallied on hopes of incoming government stimulus.3 A recovery in the property market could facilitate a return to health for the overall Chinese economy.
  • Precious metals (ETPMAG, ETPMPD, ETPMPM, GOLD, NUGG, PMGOLD) were the worst performing non-leveraged assets of the week. US PCE, a measure of inflation, rose 3.1% through Q1 2024 stoking fears that the Fed may push back their already delayed plans for interest rate cuts in 2024.4
  • There were $380.2 million in reported inflows for the week and $70.2 million in outflows, marking a week of net inflow for the Australian ETF industry.

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