Thematic Spotlight: CrowdStrike Steps Up as Amazon’s Cyber Hero

Amazon Inc. is putting all its chips on CrowdStrike as its cybersecurity provider. In an exclusive partnership with CrowdStrike, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s most profitable business division, will be dropping all of its cyber defense measures in favour of CrowdStrike’s suite of security services ranging from cloud security to breach protection.1 This sweeping move will involve terminating defensive measures which AWS has previously developed themselves, and completes the total adoption of CrowdStrike cybersecurity services which had already been implemented across other parts of the Amazon business.2

The relationship between the two businesses will be symbiotic. CrowdStrike’s offers cybersecurity solutions as software-as-a-service (SaaS) which works continuously to detect and analyse threats. The system is built upon 100% cloud-based architecture, and the company’s flagship offering, Threat Graph, is an AI-powered analysis tool which uses an ever-evolving dataset to examine up to 15 petabytes (15,000,000 gigabytes ) of data per day.3 As part of the deal, CrowdStrike will look to adopt more of AWS’s cloud services in the operation and development of its AI-powered service.4

CrowdStrike has been a stand-out performer of the cybersecurity sector. The stock has rallied more than 140% over the past 12-months, and more than doubled its earnings YoY.5 Analysts expect the company to grow earnings and revenue by roughly 30% this year – its next earnings test is due to arrive this June.6 CrowdStrike climbed 3% on news of its partnership with Amazon.7

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