Thematic Spotlight: Bitcoin Might Be Getting Smarter

Bitcoin’s status as a mere digital store of value could be changing. Momentum is building in the Bitcoin community for a change in Bitcoin’s programming, specifically the addition of a new snippet of code called OP_CAT.1 Implementing OP_CAT would allow developers to build smart contracts and other DeFi applications directly on the blockchain, partly bridging the ‘programming gap’ between Bitcoin and Ethereum. If approved by the majority of the Bitcoin community, the change would be the biggest update since ‘Taproot’ in 2021 which improved system security and transaction speeds.2

Why does the implementation of OP_CAT matter? Ever since their inception, Bitcoin and Ethereum have had differing identities and goals. Developed and launched in 2009, the Bitcoin blockchain was created to provide a decentralised, digital currency that operates without the need for intermediaries like banks and reduces reliance on traditional financial systems.3 Ethereum on the other hand, was created to extend blockchain technology by enabling decentralised applications (dApps) and smart contracts. Given their differing purposes, the two cryptocurrencies have always had different investment cases – Bitcoin as a storage of value (akin to digital gold), and Ethereum as a call option on the success of blockchain technologies. Bitcoin potentially becoming a ‘smarter’ blockchain has significant implications on how investors may position themselves between Bitcoin and Ethereum. While Bitcoin is unlikely to lose its status as a storage of value, Ethereum could potentially face competition from the largest cryptocurrency in the industry.

Still, this change is yet to come to fruition. Bitcoin has long been known to be a slow-moving, ossified asset, with proposed changes on the blockchain often taking months, if not years, to reach consensus and deployment. Ethereum’s deep ecosystem of dApps and long-standing status as the leading ‘smart’ blockchain is also unlikely to disappear with a single change of Bitcoin’s programming. One thing is for sure, interest in the industry has skyrocketed in 2024 – Bitcoin has rallied 56% YTD on US’s approval for spot Bitcoin ETFs and Ethereum has returned 30% on enthusiasm toward a possible spot Ethereum ETF approval.4

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