Market Moves: Week Ending 7 June 2024

  • Crypto ETFs (CRYP, EBTC) were the top performing assets of the week as Bitcoin retested all-time highs, reaching US$72,000 on a surge of demand for US spot Bitcoin ETFs.1 Bitcoin ETFs in the US saw an unprecedented 19 straight days of net inflows since May 23rd, accumulating US$15.5 billion in assets over a two-week period.2
  • Clean energy ETFs (ATOM, HGEN, T8EV, URNM, XMET) suffered after provisional election results in the EU showed surprising gains for right-wing and far-right parties who are sceptical of the EU “Green Deal” package for environmental policies.3 The rising influence of these parties could pose consequences for the upcoming decision on the EU’s 2040 climate target and ultimately the 2050 net zero emissions goal.4
  • There were $707.3 million in reported inflows for the week and $48 million in outflows, marking a week of net inflows for the Australian ETF industry.

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