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Uranium ETF

Reasons to Consider ATOM

Targeted Exposure

Pureplay access to uranium mining and the production of nuclear components.

Emerging Energy Opportunity

Global initiatives to reduce carbon emissions will see uranium and nuclear adoption rise as a crucial power source to facilitate the clean energy transition.

Competitive Supply Dynamics

The case for uranium today is perhaps the strongest it’s been in a decade driven by increasing global demand and nuclear power capacity.

Product Information As of 8 Dec 2023

Inception Date 7 Dec 2022
Management Costs (% p.a.) 0.69
Currency Hedged No
Domicile Australia
Legal Form Managed Investment Scheme
SMSF Eligible Yes

NAV Information As of 8 Dec 2023

NAV/Unit (A$) 14.54330000
Currency (NAV) AUD
Shares Outstanding 900,000
AUM (A$) 13,088,949.68

Product Summary

ATOM offers investors access to a broad range of companies involved in uranium mining and the production of nuclear components, including those in extraction, refining, exploration, or manufacturing of equipment for the uranium and nuclear industries. 

Product Objective

ATOM seeks to provide investment results that correspond generally to the price and yield performance, before fees and expenses, of the Solactive Global Uranium & Nuclear Components Total Return Index.

Trading Details

Ticker ATOM
Bloomberg Code ATOM AU Equity
ISIN AU0000249336
Trading Hours 10:00AM – 4:00PM

Management & Administration

Issuer Global X Management (AUS) Limited
Custodian The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, Sydney Branch
Registrar Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited
Trustee Global X Management (AUS) Limited

Benchmark Information

Benchmark Solactive Global Uranium & Nuclear Components Total Return Index.
Provider Solactive AG
Ticker SOLURANT Index


Distribution Frequency Semi-Annually
Distribution History View

Performance Table As of 8 Dec 2023

Total Return (Fund) Total Return (Benchmark) Tracking Difference Tracking Error
1 Month 7.66% 7.72% -0.06% 0.97%
3 Months 14.28% 14.45% -0.17% 1.06%
1 Year 49.20% 50.20% -1.00% 2.22%
3 Year p.a. -- -- -- --
5 Year p.a. -- -- -- --
10 Year p.a. -- -- -- --
Since Inception p.a. 44.99% 45.87% -0.88% 2.22%

Top Holdings As of 11 Dec 2023

Net Assets (%) Name SEDOL Market Price (Local) Shares Held Market Value (A$)
24.42 CAMECO CORP 2166160 61.27 46,590 3,190,584
11.40 SPROTT PHYSICAL BNZKG52 26.62 50,078 1,490,015
6.82 NEXGEN ENERGY LT B987K72 9.33 85,427 890,860
5.97 NAC KAZATOG-REGS BGXQL36 39.35 13,066 780,626
5.85 URANIUM ENERGY B0VLLY2 6.74 74,753 764,947
3.92 PALADIN ENERGY 6668468 0.94 547,952 512,336
3.52 DENISON MINES CO 2003223 2.51 164,183 460,611
3.43 YELLOW CAKE PLC BF50RG4 5.94 39,706 448,806
2.73 ENERGY FUELS INC BFV4XV7 10.26 31,158 357,318
1.98 BOSS ENERGY LTD B1XLCQ6 3.95 65,358 258,164
1.79 MITSUBISHI HEAVY 6597067 7,718.00 2,877 233,325
1.76 SAMSUNG C&T CORP BSXN8K7 124,800.00 1,587 230,033
1.57 GS ENGINEERING 6537096 15,900.00 11,124 205,470
1.55 BHP GROUP LTD 6144690 47.74 4,241 202,448
1.52 ITOCHU CORP 6467803 5,677.00 3,333 198,806
1.47 CENTRUS ENERGY-A BQXKDH6 51.21 2,475 192,463
1.39 DAEWOO ENG & CON 6344122 4,430.00 35,305 181,697
1.37 ENCORE ENERGY CO BN48958 5.78 27,754 179,306
1.36 HYUNDAI ENG&CONS 6450988 36,100.00 4,252 178,325
1.32 CGN MINING B755514 1.53 581,810 173,053
1.32 DOOSAN ENERBILIT 6294670 15,720.00 9,419 172,018
1.29 KEPCO ENGINEERIN B4LW1M1 63,900.00 2,275 168,917
1.22 AECON GROUP INC 2699547 11.77 12,157 159,937
1.13 FISSION URANIUM B94QMQ6 1.06 125,004 148,102
1.01 DEEP YELLOW LTD 6480275 1.01 130,438 131,743
1.00 SIBANYE STILLWAT BL0L913 22.18 73,143 130,128
0.93 UR-ENERGY INC B0WW4L2 1.56 51,248 121,381
0.90 SILEX SYSTEMS 6111735 3.37 34,740 117,073
0.77 GLOBAL ATOMIC CO BF11BK3 2.49 36,297 101,019
0.58 BANNERMAN ENERGY B07DXJ1 2.59 29,059 75,263
0.55 URANIUM ROYALTY BKMD921 3.92 16,485 72,228
0.55 AMERICAN LITHIUM BF4XHL9 1.54 41,933 72,179
0.43 LOTUS RESOURCES BK6XLC1 0.28 200,941 56,264
0.42 NUSCALE POWER CO BNXK803 3.23 11,163 54,743
0.36 ISOENERGY LTD BD5FYX1 3.90 10,659 46,465
0.25 ALLIGATOR ENERGY B55ZH25 0.06 599,653 32,981
0.24 MEGA URANIUM LTD 2817833 0.45 63,613 31,996
0.24 F3 URANIUM CORP BPRSXG8 0.42 67,641 31,376
0.24 LARAMIDE RES 2507952 0.70 39,990 31,288
0.23 ANSON RESOURCES BD8PFL3 0.16 197,708 30,645
0.23 BERKELEY ENERGIA BYVQC08 0.23 79,855 29,571
0.20 PENINSULA ENERGY 6486381 0.11 247,949 26,035
0.19 AURA ENERGY LTD B14Z2S9 0.29 85,344 24,323
0.19 GOVIEX URANIUM I BNGCT03 0.17 127,601 24,246
0.14 ELEVATE URANIUM BM8ZH21 0.43 43,389 18,657
0.13 SKYHARBOUR RESOU BDFGHL3 0.53 29,499 17,475
Holdings are subject to change.

Sector Breakdown As of 11 Dec 2023

Sector Weight (%)
Energy 66.0
Industrials 18.0
None 11.4
Materials 4.5
Other/Cash 0.1

Country Breakdown As of 11 Dec 2023

Country Weight (%)
Canada 53.2
United States 11.4
Australia 11.4
South Korea 8.7
Kazakhstan 6.0
Britain 3.7
Japan 3.3
Hong Kong 1.3
South Africa 1.0



  • What companies are included in the index?

    The index tracks companies that have, or are expected to have, business operations or exposure to the uranium industry. These companies are defined by index provider Solactive based on research by Ux Consulting Company (UxC), a nuclear energy consultancy.

    Each company is classified as follows, according to the extent to which it generates revenues from operations in the uranium industry:
    •Pureplay: a company for which a significant part of the business operations is or is expected to be related to the uranium industry (in particular uranium mining, exploration for uranium, and technologies related to the uranium industry).
    •Non-pureplay: has business operations that are related to the uranium industry, and in which it generates large revenues.

    Nuclear component producer companies will be included in the list of index constituents.
  • How are companies in the index weighted?

    Companies are weighted according to the lesser of their free float market capitalisation and the average daily trading value multiplied by 2,000:
    •Non-pureplay and nuclear component producer companies will be capped at 2%.
    •The maximum weight of a pureplay company is 22.50%.
    •The aggregate weight of all pureplay companies with a weight larger than or equal to 5% will be capped at 47.50% whereas the remaining pureplay companies will be capped at 4.75%.
    •The aggregate weight of the index constituents structured as Investments trusts, which provide exposure to physical uranium, is capped at 10%.
    •The aggregate number of non-pureplay companies and nuclear component producer companies will be capped at 15.
  • How does ATOM invest in uranium companies?

    ATOM is built as a feeder fund that invests directly in the NYSE Arca-listed Global X Uranium ETF (URA), which is managed by the Global X team in New York. Listed in 2010, URA is the largest uranium ETF in the world with more than US$1.6 billion in assets under management as of December 2022.
  • What determines the uranium price?

    The price of uranium, like other commodities, is driven by fundamentals and speculative activity. The majority of uranium demand comes from nuclear power plants, where it is used to create low carbon electricity. Meaning the growth of nuclear power worldwide is a key driver of the uranium price.

    Uranium supply depends heavily on Kazakhstan, which provides more than 40% of annual mined supply (mostly via a single listed company, Kazatomprom). This means Kazakhstani geopolitics can impact prices.

    Speculators are also having an increasing influence on uranium prices. A key example is physical uranium trusts, which hold yellowcake on trust for investors. Their purchases have been known to affect prices.
  • What are the potential rewards and risks of investing in uranium?

    While unused in Australia, nuclear energy is a major power source worldwide, producing 10% of global electricity. According to the International Energy Agency, nuclear and hydro power together provide three quarters of non-fossil fuel power worldwide. The IEA credits nuclear power with reducing global carbon dioxide emissions by over 60 gigatonnes the past 50 years – which equates to two years’ worth of global emissions. This makes nuclear power a crucial alternative to fossil fuels and a potential beneficiary of government policies and legislation supporting the energy transition.

    A single uranium pellet, slightly larger than a pea, contains the energy equivalent of a ton of coal, three barrels of oil, or 17,000 cubic feet of natural gas. This means that nuclear power ranks among the cheapest sources of electricity in some countries, based on dollars spent per megawatt-hour of energy generated, due to the efficiency with which it scales. As such, uranium can benefit from increased energy demand.

    Risks of investing in uranium companies include legislative and political risk – as many nuclear reactors are run by state-owned utilities companies. Nuclear accidents – such as Fukushima in 2011 – which cause global uranium prices to fall, are also a risk.

    Risks are not limited to these.

  • Where can ATOM fit in a portfolio?

    Investors can use ATOM in two main ways. First, it can be used as a portfolio satellite for those wishing to invest in the energy transition and the related growth of the uranium market.

    Second it can be used as a way to tactically trade uranium, which has few tradable proxies. Uranium pureplay business, which have pride of place in ATOM, correlate to varying degrees with the spot price of uranium.

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