Weekly Market Monitor – Week Ending 10 February 2023

  • Crude oil and energy ETFs (OOO, FUEL) were top performers last week as Russia retaliated against western energy sanctions through massive cuts in oil outputs. This, combined with China’s bigger than expected reopening, have caused energy demands to surge globally, pushing prices higher. Inverse equity funds (SNAS, BBOZ, BBUS, BEAR) also performed as equities pulled back across the board after rapid gains the week prior.
  • Crypto and blockchain ETFs (CRYP, FTEC, EBTC, EETH) were the poorest performers last week, falling sharply on news of industry wide crackdowns. Cryptocurrency ‘staking’, a corner stone of the crypto-income industry, is now under intense scrutiny with industry giant Kraken closing down their version of the offering after SEC pressure.
  • There were $329.1 million in reported inflows last week, with ASX 200 ETF (IOZ) accounting for almost half. AUD income ETFs (BILL, SUBD, QPON) also took a large share of inflows, as investors see yields are becoming very lucrative.
  • There were $40.9 million in reported outflows last week, marking yet another week of positive net flows for the industry.
  • The top traded funds for the week were large vanilla index trackers (IOZ, VAS, VGS, IVV, A200) as usual.

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